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They can be redeemed starting in February 2022. 
Thank you for your patience and continued patronage! 
~Sara, Owner

Our Baking Process

At The Baker Over Yonder, located about a mile off the I-93 interstate in Stoneham, Massachusetts, our focus is on GLUTEN FREE VEGAN baked goods made without any of the major allergens (wheat, soy, egg, milk, peanut/tree nuts, sesame, gluten). Major food allergens prevent so many people from enjoying their childhood favorite desserts but now they can!!

All of our products are ALLERGY FRIENDLY meaning they are made without ingredients that have been identified as major allergens by the USDA, FDA, and the UK. 

*ALL of our products are made in a SHARED commercial kitchen that uses wheat, gluten, soy, egg, milk, coconut, peanut/tree nuts.


*We follow allergen control procedures with storage, preparation, and sanitation to LIMIT cross contact with food allergen within the kitchen.  We also verify with ingredient manufacturers of each ingredient's status as certified gluten free and/or vegan to limit cross contact with known allergens.

**If you are celiac or severely allergic to a known major food allergen please use your best judgment.**

You can order online 24/7. ORDERS ARE DUE BY WEDNESDAY every week. Pick up or delivery is on SATURDAY. 

 Signature Products

These baked goods will be available year round. 

GLUTEN FREE COOKIES-Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Sugar.

GLUTEN FREE MUFFINS-Apple Spice, Blueberry, Banana (Plain, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate).

Seasonal Desserts
We all wish we could have all of our favorite gluten free cookies and allergy friendly desserts throughout the year, but in order to give our customers the best experience and support the local community as much as possible, certain flavors or decorations will be available only seasonally. Check back often for what's being offered next!
Disclaimer: The Baker Over Yonder utilizes a commercial kitchen. We rely on Certificates of Gluten Analysis from ingredient suppliers, sanitation procedures* consistent with regulatory authorities, and cannot guarantee 100% allergy free products due to potential cross-contamination that may still exist after these methods have been utilized.  The Baker Over Yonder does not claim the products are allergen free, only allergy friendly. 
Please read the product description in the online store or send a message requesting information prior to purchasing. 

Are you a chocoholic? You've come to the right spot! These will crush any craving for chocolate you may have! Goes great with ice cream or other toppings of your choice!

Tea Breads

Great with coffee or tea! These miniature specialty breads are sure to satisfy your taste buds!


Need a small, travel friendly snack for your on-the-go life? These are the perfect size for kids and people needing that quick pick me up!

We are developing a line of "haute biscuits" for people who crave more diverse combinations of flavors in a larger cookie. Some of these will contain peanuts/tree nuts.


Do you need a bread item for either making a meal or to go with your meal? We have options for you! Our Southern style drop biscuits (2 sizes), Southern Sweet cornbread, Corn Dog Batter Dry Mix, and dry pancake mix are available in the gluten free vegan options. We will be adding ready made gluten free vegan pancakes and homemade vegan loaf bread (not GF) to our menu shortly. Keep checking back for updated selections.

What's in the Works?

We continue to develop baked products that meet multiple allergy needs. Some of these may become a part of regular menu items and some may become a seasonal offering.

Keep checking this area for what baked goodie is being worked on with the R & D kitchen staff!

  • HomemadeVegan Loaf Bread (not gluten free)
  • Gluten Free Vegan loaf bread
  • Cranberry Orange mini-loaf

We understand how important your food sensitivities and allergies are to your overall well being.

Ingredients such as oats/oat flour, spices, flavorings, etc. will be verified as being "certified gluten free" or "gluten free" by the ingredient manufacturer prior to use.

Our list of ingredients is proprietary; however, we will answer your questions to the furthestextent possible regarding each product's ingredients so that you are comfortable ordering from us. The text box appearing when adding to your bag is for you to inform us of any other food allergies or intolerances you may have. We will do our best to accommodate or offer an alternative.

Dry Mixes/Product Ideas

Have questions about how to prepare any of the dry mixes or wonder what to make with the products offered by The Baker Over Yonder? Click on "The Baker Over Yonder at Home" tab to view videos and pictures to learn more. 

*****COMING SOON!!!!*****

Cake of the Week
  • Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Cake
  • Gluten Free Vegan "Yellow" Cake

Every week this section will be updated to show which cakes are available as well as NON-allergy friendly homemade cakes from the baker. 


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