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About The Baker Over Yonder

Hi! My name is Sara Monte. I've always had a passion for cooking and baking. Being burned by the Easy Bake Oven as a young girl didn't dissuade me from this passion. I started my culinary career at the age of 15 and continued after graduating high school by enlisting in the U. S. Army as a Food Service Specialist. After being honorably discharged, I continued my culinary journey with a career in food safety. I longed for the day I could pursue my childhood dreams of having my own restaurant. When the opportunities presented themselves in my adult life, I quickly found a balance between my work life and my family (husband & 4 kids) to make this happen. Without their sacrifices, I wouldn't have made it through school.

I attended the intensive programs at Le Cordon Bleu where I earned my Basic Pastry Arts Certificate in Ottawa, Canada in 2004 and my Intermediate Pastry Arts Certificate in Paris, France in 2007.

This education and experience was life changing in ways unknown to me at the time. Learning about my own food allergies and sensitivities led me on a search to find a solution to what I craved and was lacking in the local markets. The flavor. The variety. The availability. While I found products available to satisfy certain dietary restrictions, my specific needs weren't being represented on the market to the extent I desired. Gluten free products have become more popular as well as nut free products but the "no gluten, milk, and egg" combination was very sparse. Having the education and desire for creating pastry focused my energy from the self-pity "I can't have anything" to "what can I make with what's left?" attitude.  Now that my attitude was adjusted, I needed to adjust my expectations but where do I start?

The beginning.

I wanted to start with recreating the classic desserts I loved growing up while adhering to my dietary needs. In that process of discovery I found that many classic baked goods can be made without the major 8 allergens (wheat [gluten], soy, milk, eggs, peanuts/tree nuts, fish/shellfish).  While having various people help eat and critique my pastries, I discovered many people in similar situations like myself. The lack of options creating stressful situations was felt by others as well; not just me. This is when I realized that my products can bring people joy again; easing that stress. This is how The Baker Over Yonder was started. 

The Baker Over Yonder is a 100% female veteran owned business. 




Sara Monte, Owner

15 Great Rd. 

Stow, MA 01775


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