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Mini Loaf Breads

Size: 5 1/2" x 3"

Apple Spice



Pumpkin (available seasonally August-January)

Carrot Raisin (available seasonally April-August)


Regular sized muffins

Apple Spice


Banana (Plain Banana/Banana Chocolate Chip/Chocolate Banana)

Pumpkin (available seasonally August-January)

Carrot raisin (available seasonally April-August)

Specialty Breads

Miss bread? Bread is one of the most difficult items to give up when following a gluten free lifestyle. So when this Southerner had to give up gluten, or forever feel like the proverbial stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving, the search was on for a replacement worth the carbs. *Hint hint...I didn't find any so I had to make it. :)

Southern style Drop Biscuits (Sandwich size or Dinner size).

Sandwich size are PERFECT for regular sized breakfast sandwiches/sandwiches! The dinner size is the perfect size for smaller children's breakfast sandwiches.

Pancake Mix (dry)

There are alot of options on the market but if you need a "one and done" type of mix for your discerning crowd then this mix is for you! Complete with instructions on how to make pancakes/waffles dairy free and vegan. No need to look up the information online early in the morning.

Corn Dog Batter Mix (dry)

Love corndogs but can't find them free of all allergens? No need to pick and choose which side effect you'll have with this dry mix! Comes complete with sticks and instructions on how to prepare. This can even become a fun family tradition like pizza night!

Southern Sweet Cornbread (dry or prepared)

Chili wouldn't be the same without a slice of cornbread! This gluten free vegan southern comfort bread hits all the notes one knows to be true of this staple.

Cake doughnuts (COMING SOON!)

Our R & D team is working on creating the best allergy free cake doughnut around that will surely satisfy even the ones who prefer yeast raised doughnuts.   


Picky about your chocolate chip cookies? So are we! That's why we now are offering TWO variations that will suit your needs. 

100% Whole Grain Chocolate Chip (no baking powder, starches, or gums). *contains certified gluten free oat flour. 

Chocolate Chip *does not contain OATS, baking powder, or gums.

Classic Sugar (no baking powder, starches or gums)


Are you team raisin or team chocolate chip when it comes to oatmeal cookies? We have TWO variations for our customers!

Oatmeal Raisin (oatmeal cookies w/raisins)

Choc-Oat-Chip (oatmeal cookies w/chocolate chips)

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