The Baker Over Yonder


The Baker Over Yonder at Home is a page dedicated to providing you, the consumer, with knowledge, ideas, and skills to help aid you in getting the most out of your recent purchase. Too often people are told abruptly that they have to avoid certain food ingredients which are prevalent in almost everything they consume individually and/or as a family. This information usually comes when the person has been feeling unwell for a period of time and is not at their best self. There are great resources online and through your doctor but sometimes you're just hungry, tired, or too busy to do all the research necessary to get through the day. As the owner of The Baker Over Yonder, I know exactly that feeling. That's why this page was created, to help you get through another meal or day allergy free so you can become your best self again.

This page will contain videos on various allergy friendly topics from how to make a gluten free vegan pancake successfully to what to do with your gluten free vegan breads or cookies. Some of our family favorite meals will even be posted on here if you need something quick and allergy free to please a crowd. These meals will not be ALL plant based but will be gluten, dairy, egg, and soy free. 

Changing your mindset is key to navigating an allergy free lifestyle. You may not get a jumbo muffin again and that's okay because you can just have two regular sized muffins. :)The idea is to look at these products here as a "base" to what you're craving. These products are great on their own but to be successful at maintaining a gluten free/allergy free lifestyle it takes a little bit of planning and some creativity.